Monterey Visionary: Nicky Hahn Named Wine Enthusiast’s Inaugural “American Wine Pioneer” Wine Star Award

“It was Nicky Hahn who first suggested the designation Santa Lucia Highlands when proposing the twelve mile- long, raised benchland above the Salinas River for special consideration as a unique winegrowing district. In 1991, the Federal government approved the Santa Lucia Highlands as an official American Viticultural Area (AVA).”


5 American Wines for Thanksgiving

I’ve selected a set of wines, each made by an American winemaker, to represent the talents, spirit, dignity, integrity, and creativity that is celebrated each year on Thanksgiving.

Fresh American Wines for Brunch

When I was a young mom in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood (hands up if you are from Chicago) the place to be seen with your family was John’s Place for brunch on the weekends. It was a right of passage, you were now adult enough to be up before noon, but were young enough that…