Tasting Romance: French Wine and the Senses

“Smelling and tasting,” said Howell, “our chance to connect with nature.”  To take that a step further, our chance to connect with ourselves. How we immerse into and learn about the world from our own impressions.


Wine Wrapped Up: The L’Occasion Gift Guide

To give the gift of wine is to give a bit of life – a bit of someone’s life’s work too – for others to enjoy. To be toasted instantly or tucked away for later, the bottles hold promise because they are emblematic of sharing. Here are a few of the bottles that have brought me enjoyment, that have inspired and delighted me or taught me something new this year. Thank you for joining me on L’Occasion in 2017. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year. 

The Crus of Beaujolais

This article explains the most prestigious wine of Beaujolais, a wine region in France. It occurred to me, during the last few days of Beaujolais Noveau bustle and celebrations, that the Beaujolais region in specific teaches us about French wine on the whole. One of the things people tell me is that they don’t understand French…

{Beaujolais} French #Winophiles

I promised Beaujolais and we are about to deliver. Yes, it’s going to be delicious. Yes, it’s going to be tempting. Yes, we are going to learn something and best of all… Yes, we will《visit》Beaujolais! This Saturday, November 19th get on twitter at 10:00 am central and look us up at #Winophiles. The French Winophiles…

You are Invited to Beaujolais with the French #Winophiles

This month French Winophiles visit Beaujolais. Are you a blogger or Beaujolais winelover that would like to join us? Here is your ticket…all aboard! Beaujolais is a wine region often noted for the late fall release of the new wine, which is celebrated and consumed during the year of its harvest. It’s called les Beaujolais Nouveaux (the new…