Why Rosé Matters, According To French Culture

Grounded on centuries of experience held by Provençal vignerons and winemakers, the center harnesses a commitment to rosé, part of the Provençal culture for 2,600 years since the early Greeks utilized winemaking methods that resulted in pink-toned wine.


Chiaretto Goes With Everything: Italy’s Versatile Rosé Wine

Chiaretto is short for Chiaretto di Bardolino, a pale, dry rose-colored wine produced on the shores of Lake Garda in Lombardy, Northern Italy.

Languedoc Culture: Fleur de Sel from Gruissan

Languedoc is France’s most productive wine region, responsible for 5% of the world’s wine output. Although viticulture is the dominant agricultural industry, visitors score the rare opportunity to taste some of the world’s best salt — fleur de sel — at the source site in the quaint village of Gruissan.

Rosé and Sea Salt

It has come up in conversation – many times – as one of our most extraordinary experiences in France. It is certainly hard to describe and after chatting about this place, I generally feel like I left out the real story. This is because Grussian, a commune in the southern French Aude department, is experiential….

Grape Diversity and Greek Rosé

In 1974 an oenologist named Athanassois Parparoussis founded a winery in the Greek Peloponnese. In the 40-plus years since the winery began, Athanassois has placed his enthusiasm on promoting indigenous Greek grape varieties, those that express the nature of the region. Now in partnership with his daughters, the family-owned winery utilizes both private vineyards and…

Rosé or Rosato? Is there a difference?

In this story we discover that flavor is more than color-deep by learning about pink wines from Italy: Rosato. This will not be a post about Provençal rosé. It won’t. I promise. This is a post about Italian Rosato wine. It’s pink too. Seriously, it is. Let me finish. It’s pink and it’s Rosato and it’s from…

A Provençal Rosé with a Summer Supper

I’m as fond of the poolside drink as anyone else, but when it comes to rosé I find food-friendly (and even, at times, age-worthy) bottles are available. Provence AOP rosès comprise one of the most compelling wine frameworks available right now. I have what you might call a background in Provençal wine. I’m studying to…

NYC Festival Features Provence Rosé

  Last week I spoke to Pierrick Bouquet, founder of the upcoming Pinknic Festival at Governor’s Island in New York City. This event will feature a well-known bottle of Provençal rosé: Whispering Angel from Château d’Esclans. I also had a conversation with Paul Chevalier, National Fine Wine Director for Shaw-Ross, the importer of Château d’Esclans wines….

Five Things I Learned about Loire Wines from a Bottle of Rosé

It’s a common travel fantasy: visit the Loire Valley (maybe on some sexy-fat-tire-bike), sip white wine, ogle the châteaux, ogle sunflowers, relax like royalty. If you bring a date, even better: ogle them too. Let’s bust up that vision a bit, shall we? I’m not arguing with tradition. I just want to snoop around a bit….

Monaco: Passport to Pleasure

Before a trip, people often ask, ” Are you traveling for business or pleasure?”. If your business is pleasure, you go to Monaco. My recent trip to Monaco was a Monte Carlo stop on a short road trip from the Alpilles region in Provence for a weekend in the Italian Riviera (also, highly pleasurable). The…

Provence in the City: Simply Provence Wines

Last month I attended Provence in the City, hosted by Vins de Provence. Over 25 winemakers met with wine industry and media folks at the Public Hotel’s historic Pump Room in Chicago.  It was a gorgeous spring-like day in typically chilly-in-February Chicago. The afternoon’s wine was offered alongside a buffet-in-courses; some of my favorite elements were the spring green salad…

Maision M. Chapoutier Buys Château des Ferrages in Provence

This post was originally published at Provence WineZine. Legendary Rhône wine estate, Maison M. Chapoutier recently announced acquisition of the Provençal domaine, Château des Ferrages. Château des Ferrages Château des Ferrages is located between Aix-en-Provence and Saint-Maximin near the commune of Pourcieux.  The domaine produces Côtes-de-Provence AOP and Côtes-de-Provence Saint-Victoire AOP wines, primarily rosé as…

What is Rosé from Provence?

Don’t be mistaken — rosé isn’t a blend of red & white wine. In fact, that concept was completely rejected by regional winemakers upon suggestion in 2009, when the European Commission proposed a change in quality definition for French rosé. No way, French winemakers said. Rosé comes from red (or purple) grapes, juice that’s been…

The Center for Rosé Research

    You’ll sleep better tonight knowing there is a Center for Rosé Research. Where else but Provence? The center provides training, educational materials, conferences & tastings in support of the rosé-making community. One of the center’s prime resources includes the Provence Rosé Color Scale. While the divinely gorgeous coloring seems arty and inspiring, there’s…