Braille on the Label: A Chapoutier Pioneering Moment

The Chapoutier label reveals itself in print and in Braille – the tactile language in which characters are felt by the fingertips rather than seen by the eye.


Eat, Drink, Travel the South of France: Minervois and Corbières

This month the Winophiles bask in Occitanie – formerly Languedoc-Rousillion – and the AOPs of this rich and extensive region of southern France. January brings us to Minervois and Corbières two French wine AOPs that are celebrated for quality, value, and authenticity.

Minervois and Corbieres: Expressive & Versatile

January brings us to Minervois and Corbières and many of our participants are taking inspiration from the famous French dish cassoulet, which celebrates its very own special day on January 9th.

We’ll explore the culture, wine, environment, food, and travel scope with our writers

Dessert Wines from Southern France

Family-run domaines are the standard in the Southern Rhône. Generation after generation maintains cultural and regional wine footprinting while making effort to step them into the world. VDN represents a product that mirrors this balance of yesterday’s ways emerging fresh into a range of new tastes.

Before the End of the Year Try French Dessert Wines

In the course of a good year, a wine lover tries dozens of new regions, maybe even hundreds of new bottles. Generally speaking, few of them are likely to be French dessert wines, or dessert wines at all. It is true that they don’t have any sort of quaff-ability, but that’s the nature of the…

What We’re Drinking: Wines from the South of France {#Winophiles}

Boomerangs, sunscreen, ice cream, adhesive labels, pianos, violins, scooters, slippers and even pool tables are some of the things that are made in Occitanie. For our purposes, the French Winophiles are more interested in the drink that has our affections: wine. Occitanie is the area that many of us call the Languedoc or Languedoc-Rousillion –…

It’s Time for Languedoc Wines

a chance to explore and share the landscape, people, flavors and wine of this beautiful region. Situated near to Provence, Bordeaux and Northern Spain, this region expresses stunning topography and miles and gorgeous vineyards of ever-increasing quality.

Historic Vineyards of Mâcon

Burgundy, known as Bourgogne in France, is one of the world’s most incredible wine regions. Due to an intense history dedicated to winemaking, there are stories to be told, lifetimes to preserve. Let this video, from Bourgogne Wines provide an introduction:   Vineyards in Burgundy have been cultivated for over 2,000 years, first by the…

Champagne avec Les Winophiles Français

Champagne is the focus of this month’s Winophiles treatment. The Winophiles are a group of wine writers and bloggers that love French wine. Each month we focus on an area or aspect of French wine. Topics include regions, routes, food, travel, history, profiles, tastings…we expand widely and seek to learn. Champagne! Just the sound of…

Corsica: Making Wine on an Island

I’ve read a lot of fiction in my day and I’m always hooked on a great setting. It doesn’t have to be sensational or mythical, but when the author creates a real place –  a patch of filigreed moss in the primordial woods of Virginia or the view of a valley from a crumbling garden…

Corsica: Where You Don’t Need an Invitation

My first French teacher was from Marseille. I learned Provençal dialects, accents and lifestyle as my first course in “becoming” French. This began what has been a lifelong connection with Provence leading me there many times, introducing me to many friends and helping me to obtain my Provence Wine Master status (exam next month!). While in…

The Biodynamic Vineyards of Savoie

When I read the story of Jacques Maillet, Savoie vigneron, it echoed the message I’d heard from other biodynamic winemakers. The chemicals, they say, just aren’t safe. They are toxic to our plants, to our soil, to our wildlife and to us. The Tale of Jacques Maillet Jacques Maillet husbands four hectares of vines, most over 40 years…

Getting Into Savoie with the French #Winophiles

The French Winophiles You may have noticed mention of the Winophiles group on L’occasion lately. The French Winophiles are a group of bloggers that love French wine. Most of the people in the group have some sort of specialty or favorite region. There are writers that are cooks with an interest in wine, wine writers…

Savoie with the French #Winophiles

Unforgettable Savoie January brings a trip through the Savoie wine region, on the eastern edge of central France. People from all of the world are called to this area for natural beauty, with a crown of Alpine features. It is also home to three wine appellations composed of 20 different geographic districts. Dominant Savoie grapes inclue Mondeuse, Pinot…