Work With Me


I want to hear and tell your wine story!


I am interested in profiling wineries, estates & winemakers that offer an inviting experience for customers. Please contact me (in English or French) through the form below if  interested in collaborating.

I also provide social media consulting, communication crafting and community management for a suite of clients. If your company is in need of an enthusiastic, experienced social media expert, please reach out to discuss partnership opportunities.

I write about wine (travel + food + luxury too) as a freelancer in addition to L’occasion. I also review wineries for the American Winery Guide and a contributor to Provence WineZine. I’m also a fiction writer with short stories published in the The Best of Everyday Fiction Anthology and multiple literary journals and featured on NPR. I’ve completed my first novel, the story of Provençal winemakers during the Second World War. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Communications for University of Illinois at Chicago.

My husband has a knack for food and photography and is my partner on the blog for these topics and will create a meal sure to highlight any bottle of wine!

I may accept wine samples for review as well as wine related books, wine fiction novels and invitations to events. I will give full disclosure in my post that I received the sample and I will mention affiliations by name on my blog and on social media.

Please note that some of the winemakers I’ve covered here have provided samples, either by a generous offer or by my request. None of my posts are sponsored or paid, and the complimentary wine, product, tour or invitation has been utilized to tell a more complete story based on my experience.

Here’s some of my work: