Fall In Italy

This article drops the reader into Italy during the cooling and beautiful months of fall. Food, wine, harvest, travel, culture, methods, tradition… the #ItalianFWT group decorates their blogs with this fascinating setting: Fall in Italy.

Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn

In a sweeping set of lifetime memories, some stand out clearly: harvest-scent. the touch of a turtle-neck. home-warm. early-night. smoke from a fire somewhere else. squash baking with thyme and oil. a drop of red wine on the page of a reliable book.

It’s October, and perhaps we are ready. There is the ancient pull of newness in the air. This alteration fuels the northern hemisphere through winter, the cost of the utter divine process of changing leaves, of first frosts, of grapes in the barrel rather than on the vine. We’ll pay the price, we say, with our gloves and ice-scrapers, in order to settle into fall for a few carefully measured weeks, some stolen back by summer and some given up by winter. Bless this season.

Bless the beauty of Italy, now. Bless the flavors and the harvests. Bless the people and the meals. Bless the vacation moments and the lifetimes. Bless the way of Italy in Fall. Bless the writers, the cooks, the travelers and the cork-poppers…read their stories, share your own.


Pictures compliments of Moyan Brenn, photographer
Italian Food Wine Travel { #ItalianFWT }

This Saturday our Italian Food Wine and Travel group presents Fall in Italy. Each writer will offer a blog piece and we will all gather, like a family at the harvest table, on twitter under the hashtag #ItalianFWT. Could there be a more perfect day: October 1, 2016. The first of October, the ushering month. Join us at 10:00 am central on twitter. We will be there, wearing scarves and watching leaves blow past the window while we type and chat in the coziness of home:

Mike from Undiscovered Italy writes about the Montefalco Vendemmia Festival

Martin from ENOFYLZ Wine Blog prepares Caprese Stuffed Roasted Eggplant and 2013 Josetta Saffirio Barbera d’Alba #ItalianFWT

Gwendolyn from Wine Predator presents Easy Fall Fun Flavorful Food with Italian Wines from a Castle

Jeff from FoodWineClick gives us his Top 5 Reasons to Visit Piemonte in the Fall

Michelle from Rockin Red Blog is Celebrating Italian Harvest with #ItalianFWT

Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla makes Truffles, a Whole Fish, & Barolo

Jennifer from VinoTravels is Welcoming Autumn with the Campanian Wines of Mastroberadino

At L’occasion we’ll be up to our ears in the Harvest in Italy

If you are a blogger inclined to join us, please contact me with your title as soon as you can and I’ll update the list. Everyone else, see you on twitter on October 1 at 10:00am central. All are welcome #ItalianFWT!
Thank you to Moyan Brenn for the use of the photographs in this piece.

3 thoughts on “Fall In Italy

  1. Your introduction brought back memories on an October I once spent in Tuscany… One of the most heavy rainfalls I have ever seen and flooding in places one would never suspect to be prone to. When the sun came out after days and days it was wonderful, though.

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