Inside the Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction


Photo Courtesy: DuVine

I recently had the opportunity to cover the Hospices de Beaune wine auction, which occurs every November in one of my favorite wine towns in Bourgogne (Burgundy) France.

The Hospices de Beaune estate (most of it Grand Cru and Premier Cru) and its prestigious wines produced by 22 hand-chosen winemakers are utterly famous. The wines are sold annually at auction on the third Saturday of November in an event conducted by Christie’s auction house. The proceeds of the sale are still used in a non-profit fashion for the conservation of the historic Hôtel Dieu. There is also a charity lot, the Pièce des Présidents, proceeds from which are generally the highest in the auction and are donated to a very small number of select organizations each year.

For the full story, click over to DuVine and take a peek. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Inside the Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction

  1. Can’t think of a better wine destination than Beaune. But then I am very partial to Burgundy wines. We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary there, and was surprised to see so many wine shops in the center, given its proximity to the notable surrounding vineyards.


  2. I received my first press invitation to attend this year. Sadly, it is not accompanied with travel accommodations so I am unable to attend. It is a dream of mine to go some day. Thanks for sharing.


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