Harvest in Provence

Here we enjoy scenes of the vendage, wine grape harvest, at Château Romanin in Les Baux de Provence AOP.

CR harvest 14

I’ve had the great pleasure of enjoying the wines of Château Romanin during my visits to Provence. I still remember drinking my first bottle during a rainy spring evening in little cafè called Le Marilyn in St. Rèmy de Provence…though I don’t recall the exact bottle, it was a meal pairing that left me wanting more.

Since then it has been my good fortune to write about the estate several times, primarily in my efforts to share the story of Les Baux-de-Provence AOP, a 12-domaine, nearly all organic/biodynamique appellation in western Provence. This is truly my favorite little spot for winemaking, history and natural connection. I feel happy to bring this story to you today, just as I always feel when writing about these estates.

CR harvest 18

I recently had my first opportunity to participate in a vineyard harvest, at Michael David in Lodi, CA. It was under those thick canopies, pushing clippers deep into the vines to  snip each full bunch, when I thought: this is what I need.

I need to know the feeling of leaves on my back, dirt in my shoes, other workers snipping quickly nearby, the sound of grape bunches as they thump into the bin…

Until I was able to experience that for myself, I was unable to call the vineyard my own.

Today I’m able to bring these experiences together on the page, by sharing these pictures of the vendage at Chateau Romanin this week. Thank you to their team for offering me this opportunity. It’s my hope that this brings you closer Provence today, that your imagination will take you the rest of the way as mine has done, reliably, each time I dream of Provence.

CR harvest 1CR harvest 2CR harvest 3CR Harvest 4CR harvest 5CR Harvest 6CR Harvest 8CR Harvest 9CR Harvest 10CR Harvest 11CR Harvest 12CR harvest 14CR harvest 15CR harvest 16CR harvest 17CR harvest 18CR harvest 19CR harvest 20CR Harvest 21

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14 thoughts on “Harvest in Provence

  1. Gorgeous pictures! I am in Provence right now, and the vines are beautiful everywhere we drive. I really love the wines of this region, and love les-Baux-de-Provence wine. I wish I knew what you know as I’m meandering around.

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  2. It’s true there’s nothing quite like the vendanges to give a different perspective on wine. I did it many years ago on first settling in France, helping the neighbours. But I’m ashamed to say that all these years later, I don’t know a fraction of what you know about wine!

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