Behind The Scenes: #WinePW Writers On Wine And Food From Uruguay

If you follow along on L’Occasion or our social media, you’ve noticed an uptick in coverage of South American wine, Uruguayan wine in particular. Hopefully, it’s been enjoyable, because this weekend I’m hosting a wine writers’ collaboration event—Wine Pairing Weekend—during which a group of wine, food and travel bloggers zoom in on a particular topic. On Saturday, February 9, 2019, at 10am that topic is Uruguay!


Here’s what to expect…we each write a post and join together for a chat. And YOU are invited, no need to do anything but pop on Twitter and find us to say hello and ask questions.

Join us on our blogs and on twitter with the hashtag #WinePW to go behind the curtain on our discoveries:

Pinny at Chinese Food and Wine Pairings presents Uruguay’s Bodega Garzon Tannat Paired with Lamb Skewers and Beef Short Ribs

Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla gives us Brined Quail with a Numbered Bottle of Tannat

Cindy from Grape Experiences provides Taste Uruguay: 1752 Gran Tradicion Montevideo 2017 and Pasta with Caruso Sauce

David from Cooking Chat stirs up BBQ Baked Steak Tips with Wine from Uruguay

Wendy from A Day In The Life On The Farm presents Food and Wine of Uruguay; Chivito Sandwiches paired with Garzon Cab Franc

Jeff from FoodWineClick offers up Picturing Uruguay with Lentil Stew & Aguara Tannat

Kat from Bacchus Travel & Tours hints at a Hidden Gem: On the Hunt for Wine from Uruguay

Jane from Always Ravenous stirs up Discovering Uruguayan Wine Paired with a Winter Plate

Steven from Steven’s Wine And Food Blog shares Tannat and Brazilian Feijoada #WinePW

Linda from My Full Wine Glass asks Meatless in Uruguay – Is that possible? #WinePW

Deanna from Asian Test Kitchen says Relax Your Mussels with Uruguayan Albarino

Sarah from Curious Cuisiniere pairs Tannat from Uruguay and French Cassoulet

Nancy from Pull That Cork gives us Uruguay: a Wine and Food Sampler #winePW

Gwen from Wine Predator shares Uruguay: Influenced by Immigrants #WinePW 

Jennifer from VinoTravels presents Bodega Garzón Tannat with Sausage Stew

Martin of ENOFYLZ Wine Blog writes A Taste of the #Food and #Wine of Uruguay

Nicole from Somm’s Table serves Two Rounds with Bodega Garzón Tannat: Chivitos and Chipotle-Coffee Flank Steak

Here at L’Occasion, we roll out To All The Foods I’ve Loved Before: Pairing Uruguayan Tannat

Many writers, including myself, received sample bottles from individual Uruguayan producers, coordinated by Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura (INAVI).
No compensation is ever exchanged by an entity to appear on L’Occasion and opinions are all my own. All photos are credited to Jill Barth and can be used only with permission.

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