What We’re Drinking: Wines from the South of France {#Winophiles}

Boomerangs, sunscreen, ice cream, adhesive labels, pianos, violins, scooters, slippers and even pool tables are some of the things that are made in Occitanie. For our purposes, the French Winophiles are more interested in the drink that has our affections: wine.

Mediterranean Wine, Languedoc Wine, Rousillion Wine, Wine from south of France

Sud de France map of Occitanie Wine, Courtesy: Sud de France

Occitanie is the area that many of us call the Languedoc or Languedoc-Rousillion – these names aren’t incorrect, they are just part of the larger department of Occitanie which was adopted on June 23, 2016 to encompass Languedoc + Roussillon + Midi-Pyrénées.

Carole Delga, President of the Occitanie region shares, “The new name is a unifying symbol that represents our collective ambitions and our common identity. It will be our banner nationally and internationally and will be enriched with a permanent reference to the Pyrénées and the Mediterranean in the Region’s institutional communications.”

Sud de France is the organization that supports and promotes the food and wine of Occitanie – including Languedoc-Rousillion and, according to the The Drinks Business, “More than 75% of the wines from the South West region, which fall into the Midi-Pyrénées.”

“The extension of the Sud de France brand to include products from the new region Occitanie is very exciting news,” Isabelle Kanaan, executive director of Sud de France in the UK, told The Drinks Business.

“Both Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées regions are very complementary and their combined strength means that Occitanie is now the largest region in France for wine, agriculture and organic agriculture, with the Sud de France brand providing one easy point of access to it all.”

The French Winophiles

If that all sounds interesting to you, we’ve got a round up of top-notch articles cover food, wine, travel and culture of the Occitanie regions.

French Wine, Red Wine, White Wine, Rosé

Affordable French wine in red, white and rosé – a dream come true! Credit: Jill Barth

A preview:

Martin from Enofylz > 2014 Domaine L’Ostal Cazes “Grand Vin” Minervois La Livinière #Winophiles

Michelle from Rockin Red Blog > Say Yes to Languedoc Wine

Nicole from Somm’s Table > Domaine de Majas Côtes Catalanes Blanc with Butter Poached Salmon and White Asparagus

Wendy from A Day in the Life on the Farm > Celebrating Languedoc with Cassoulet

Gwen from Wine Predator > Grilled Cheese with 4 Affordable Wines from Occitanie: new name for a fave region in France

Jane from Always Ravenous > Rustic Sausage Kale Pasta with Languedoc Wine

Melanie from Wining with Mel > French kiss: a glimpse into the food and wine of Languedoc

Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla > An Easy Dinner with Anchoïade and Mas Cavalier de Lascaux

Olivier from In Taste Buds We Trust > Boutenac: Balance in the Languedoc

Lynn from Savor the Harvest > Making Great Wines in the Languedoc-Rousillion #Winophiles

From me here at L’occasion > New Roots Along the Canal du Midi

Join us on twitter for a live chat this Saturday 10/21 at 10am central – we use the hashtag #Winophiles and we’ll be open for Occitanie questions.

3 thoughts on “What We’re Drinking: Wines from the South of France {#Winophiles}

  1. Well I never get to “chime” in on these wonderful winophile convos (you know with the littles and life) but I’m intrigued. Unfortunately scooters, sunscreen and slippers are still priority for some in our house, but a few of us put the vino on top. I hope you have good discussion and shared interest as always. Love you friend, sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with your writings–you are in a flurry of good stuff, so proud of your work and passion.


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