Blending Innovation and Tradition with Wines


This summer I had the cool opportunity to attend the Vins d’Alsace Millésimes Alsace DigiTasting, which was a virtual wine fair that brought together people from around the world to meet with producers in Alsace in a unique way. While this region of Eastern France has the oldest wine route in the country, and a winemaking history that dates back to the 2nd century BC, the group took an advanced approach to this event. 

Last year Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins d’Alsace (Wines of Alsace Board) was forced to cancel this biannual trade event due to the pandemic. During the planning phases for the 2021 event, travel was still exceptionally limited, so a new plan was formed to go virtual. From Colmar to the world!

I covered by experience in my recent article on Forbes. Here I also provide a recommendation from each of the producers who so kindly shared samples with me. I applaud the efficiency and innovation displayed in the mini-format bottles and sleek tasting kits.

Check out the story on Forbes here: This Is The Summer To Get Familiar With Wines Of Alsace

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The French Winophiles

Join our Winophiles group as we celebrate the Wines of Alsace on Saturday, July 17th at 10am central. Find us on Twitter with our hashtag #Winophiles. You’ll have access the the exceptional material prepared by these authors:

9 thoughts on “Blending Innovation and Tradition with Wines

  1. I so enjoyed the Digitasting and the site was so beautiful and filled with amazing information. Truly a spectacular event! The cherry on top was the ability to schedule with the wineries to speak with them one on one about their wines. I realize it was a time investment for them, but it was wonderful to have that time to learn more about them and the unique soils and microclimates of their multiple vineyard plots. It’s truly a mosaic.


  2. The digitasting was truly impressive, wasn’t it? So well organized and so well coordinated. The only things were that the samples were tiny. It was a challenge for me to taste, get a good sense of the wine, and share a sip with Jake. And also that many of the wines are not available to purchase here in the US. Loved your article, by the way.


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