Domaine des Terre Blanches {Profile}

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I woke up this morning to my copy of Provence WineZine, introduced with this kind note from Susan Manfull, fellow wine-devotee and publisher:

Please help me welcome new contributor Jill Barth to Provence WineZine. Jill is currently writing a novel about a family of vintners in France during WW II, a project that has taken her to Provence where she is known to have popped in to a winery or two. Her post today is about Domaine des Terres Blanches, a winery our family and friends visited on one of our first trips to Provence.  This Domaine was an early convert to organic viticulture. Please welcome Jill with a comment on her post!

The article is published here: {Domaine des Terres Blanches} In the predominantly organic appellation of Les Baux-de-Provence.

This piece was a dream to write. Research began with a visit to the winemaker and wrapped up with an interview with the winemaking team. It’s all here, including photos and my tasting notes.

I drooled over Provence WineZine pendant longtemps, so becoming a regular contributor is making my month. Enjoy the read.


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